Whether you are a brand looking for creative direction, an investor looking for retail insight or an individual looking for an infusion of style, my fashion and trend expertise can serve as your compass.

Anticipate trends, innovate product & inspire designers

I work with your creative team and provide design inspiration with a seasonal trend overview.  We then determine the trends that have staying power and that can be leveraged for your specific market, demographic and brand. We translate those, be they socio cultural, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or home design, into your product, and I guide you from concept to market.

Clients have included The Gap, J Crew, Microsoft, Nike, JC Penney, Target, among many others.


Analysis and forecasting for the Finance Industry

As an expert on Wall Street, I provide retail trend insight into publicly traded specialty retailers by analyzing product assortment, and identifying the emerging trends that impact purchasing decisions and ultimately company performance.

Areas of expertise are women's apparel, athletic apparel, accessories, teen retailers & fast fashion and companies covered include: Lululemon, Abercrombie & Fitch, Urban Outfitters, Coach, Ann Taylor,among others

One on one client meetings, expert calls, trend seminars, mall tours, public speaking engagements.


Personal styling

Style isn't something you can put on, aspire to or even wear, it's how you feel.  I help you discover your unique style DNA by analyzing your closet, streamlining your wardrobe and infusing a confidence that only effortless style can bring.  

You choose the service that best suits your needs:

CLOSET CLEANSE – When you simply need to clear the clutter

CLOSET MAKEOVER – I evaluate your closet piece by piece and decide what stays, what goes and what we need to incorporate.  We shop for the supplemental items and you are left with a fully functional closet.  No more guessing and dressing just became that much easier.  And that much more fun.

CLOSET COORDINATION – We put together outfits with clothes you already own or new items you want to incorporate and create a look book around it

PERSONAL SHOPPING – A fun and expeditious way to shop when you have something specific you need to find i.e. special occasion dress, an item to match, a present for someone, your wedding dress, etc.

CORPORATE STYLE SEMINARS  - tailored to meet your company needs


Let me inspire you

What people are saying

"Charcy has given me a great gift. Getting dressed in the morning used to be a stressful task for me. I fully bought in to Charcy's plan. We purged clothes from my wardrobe that I was holding on to for emotional reasons and ones that I wrongly thought looked good on me. Charcy then helped me replace them with beautiful, multipurpose pieces that are classic and stylish. I now have a wardrobe that is much smaller and manageable yet is able to provide me with more looks overall as well as looks that are better for me and work for my body type and my busy life. The result is that I look and feel better a day to day basis and am more confident. I actually look forward to opening my closet and getting dressed in the morning. Every woman needs a "Charcification" but I was lucky enough to have one!" M Thomas, MD

"Charcy Evers is truly an inspiration.  Her style is distinctive and always on-trend and can make even the ordinary become extraordinary! Her attention to detail is un paralleled.  She is also a leader and supports women's causes with grace.  I cannot recommend anyone with more passion, professionalism and heart than Charcy. " Melody Weir, Founder & President Melody Weir, Inc.

"I am a scientist. Style and fashion were not a priority.  I have always admired Charcy's style.  Every time i would see her in person or in pictures, I would always observe (like a true scientist) what she wore and how she wore it.  When Charcy styled me,  my closet was dissected down to bare bones.  The excess went to charity, friends and consignment.  Charcy is a true style scientist.   What you wear is important as it is a reflection of who you are - your tangible personality.  And Charcy brings it out in you."    S. D., Forensic Scientist,  New York

"My personal styling and shopping experience with Charcy was nothing short of life changing. It was about so much more than just the clothes and style -- it was about finding out who I was and feeling more comfortable in my own skin. I am so much more confident every time I get dressed and that has had a ripple effect on everything I do."  Jenny L, Chief Marketing Officer, Montclair,  NJ